FBC WhatsApp Banking (Noku)


What is FBC WhatsApp Banking (Noku)?

FBC WhatsApp Banking is an easy-to-use secure channel which allows you to conduct basic banking functions on the go. This new service will enable you to access the following services:

  1. Account balance
  2. Internal transfers / Transfers to other Banks
  3. Purchase Airtime
  4. Merchant Payment
  5. Bill Payments
  6. Mini statement
  7. Card blocking
  8. PIN Change
  9. Just type “Hi ” to 0776 670 211
  10. Select Banking Services
  11. Enter your pin
  12. Confirm Security token
  13. Chat and bank with Noku
  14. Secure way of banking
  15. Instant access to banking services on the go

How do I register with Noku?

  1. Just type “Hi ” to 0776 670 211
  2. Select Banking Services
  3. Enter your pin
  4. Confirm Security token
  5. Chat and bank with Noku

How do I benefit from banking with Noku?

  1. Secure way of banking
  2. Instant access to banking services on the go
  3. Personalised communication
  4. Customer focused user experience
  5. Available 24/7

Can I register with Noku if I don't have an account with FBC?

No, to use Noku via WhatsApp you will need to have an active account with FBC.

What do I need to register with Noku?

All you need is your phone number on WhatsApp. You must make sure that the phone number you use on WhatsApp is the same as your registered phone number with FBC.

Why am I not able to register with Noku?

If you are using a phone number that is currently not registered with FBC, you will not be able to register. If you have recently changed your phone number, then you will need to update your contact details by visiting any your nearest branch before you try to register.

Should I create a new pin number when banking with Noku?

Kindly use the same pin number you use for your Mobile Moola. Do not create a new pin number.

Your PIN is personal, must be kept safe and not shared.

Can I chat with Noku in the local Zimbabwean languages?

You can chat with Noku in English

Is my conversation with Noku safe?

It is very safe and secure . All WhatsApp messages are secured with end-to-end encryption which ensures that only you and FBC can read them

Are there any keywords that I need to use to chat with Noku?

You can use “Hi, Ndeipi, Etaa” or any other preferred greeting of choice to start the conversation. You can use the corresponding number to indicate what you would like to do, for example, type 1 for Banking Services.

Can I block my Card through Noku?

Yes, you can block your card through Noku.

How do I block my card with Noku?

1.Say “Hi” on WhatsApp number 0776 670 211

2. Type option 1 (Banking Services)

3. Tap the token link and confirm

4. Type option 5 (Card Services)

5. Type option 1 (Card Operation)

6. Type the number that represents the accont you wish to block

7. Type option 1 (Block card)

What happens if I lose my phone and someone gains access to my WhatsApp?

Kindly engage our Contact Centre on Toll Free 220 to block your account.

Will I be asked for any personal information when banking with Noku?

FBC will never ask you to share your personal information via WhatsApp (like full Card/ Account number, card expiry date, PIN, OTP, Password, answers to secret questions, etc), you may however, be asked to input only the last 4 digits of your card or account number.

I have deleted my conversation with Noku, how can I start it again?

Make sure to add Noku’s number (0776 670 211) to your contacts and say “Hi” to Noku via WhatsApp to start a new conversation.

How can I disable banking with Noku?

You may delete Noku’s contacts.

I am not able to register with Noku on WhatsApp. How else can I register?

Kindly contact your nearest branch to verify if your mobile number on WhatsApp is the same as the one registered with FBC.

Are there any charges applicable for banking with Noku?

There are no service charges for using this service. However, charges will be applicable as per your data plan with your mobile network operator.