ZIPIT SMART – FAQs (Customer)



ZIPIT Smart is a mobile based merchant and bill payments solution. It is a new function on the ZIPIT platform that enables the initiation and transfer of merchant payments via a mobile phone to a unique Zipit Smart Merchant code.

What can I pay using ZIPIT SMART?

You can pay with ZIPIT SMART for the following;

  • Groceries
  • Bills
  • Goods & services in informal markets

Which type of phone can access ZIPIT Smart?

All phones both Smart and Feature (Mbudzi) phones can access ZIPIT Smart.

How do I make payments using ZIPIT SMART works? 

You can initiate a ZIPIT Smart transaction on your Mobile App or via your bank’s USSD code by entering a Merchant Code.


  1. Dial *220#
  2. Select Banking services
  3. Enter pin
  4. Select option 6 Merchant Payment
  5. Select 1 Pay By Merchant code
  6. Enter Merchant code
  7. Enter Amount
  8. Confirm transaction

NB: A payment confirmation with merchant details and transaction amount will be sent to your phone.

What are the benefits of ZIPIT SMART?

  • You will have the ability to use mobile phone initiated merchant payments, through a merchant code which is matched to a merchant’s bank account.
  • One will be able to make purchases to merchants receiving payment through mobile phones.
  • Convenience to make payments without moving funds to mobile wallets.

Who can use ZIPIT SMART?

Anyone with an existing Main account or KYC Lite account will automatically gain access via already existing Mobile Banking Platform.

How do I register for ZIPIT SMART as a customer?

No registration is required, the functionality is available on the mobile banking platform.

What are the transaction limits

The current Zimswitch limits apply. A daily cumulative total limit of $20,000 and monthly limit of $100,000 (i.e. a customer performing either a ZIPIT transactions or a ZIPIT Smart transaction is bound by the prevailing limits)