9 March 2017

A TEAM from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in the country for a technical mission to assess Zimbabwe’s economic developments after clearing its arrears with the financial institution last year.

9 March 2017

Women have received a major boost from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which has put in place initiatives that will see them receiving more than $75 million for various projects.

22 February 2017

In the past, micro-finance institutions in Zimbabwe were known for being the saviours of financially struggling individuals, to whom they would lend small amounts at extortionist interest rates of as much as 100 percent, particularly in January wh

22 February 2017

Borrowing money is a serious decision which deserves your time and consideration. Responsible borrowing can help you achieve certain goals and can improve your lifestyle.

15 February 2017

Economic conditions in a country determine the quality of clients that banks will acquire. In stable economies, bank clients are of good quality and credit culture is well established in society.

13 February 2017

The World Bank has appointed Paul Noumba Um as the new country director for seven African countries including Zimbabwe.

27 January 2017

THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries will approach Government with draft legislation to push for the adoption of the South African rand over the US dollar as the main transacting currency.

27 January 2017

The World Bank has forecast strong gains for metals and commodities in 2017 due to tightening supply and strengthening demand, which could boost African economies that rely on raw commodity exports.

26 January 2017

VISA will next month introduce its National Net Settlement Service (NNSS) in Zimbabwe that will allow client banks to settle domestic US dollar-denominated Visa transactions locally.

22 January 2017

GETTING rid of much of the cash in circulation might be an effective way to reduce inequality.