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FBC Masvingo

Monday, July 12, 2021
FBC Bank Masvingo prides itself as the people’s bank with a diverse range of customers. The branch scope is not limited to Masvingo urban but the whole province as well as Beitbridge, recently adopted since May 2020. 
In the areas covered, FBC Bank boasts of the widest POS acquiring terminals thus enabling cheaper and affordable transactions for its clients as well as those on the Zimswitch platform. Service is not limited to the branch only but is on various digital platforms which include Internet Banking and Mobile Moola. The branch had an active Internet Banking Kiosk that provided digital services to customers who needed to make online transactions. Due to the zero-rating of all FBC Apps, the kiosk has experienced a sharp decline in usage as clients can transact in their own comfort without worrying about charges to their data plans. The adoption of digital channels by most clients in the province has resulted in the branch being decongested which is a plus especially in these times of the Covid 19 pandemic. 
Being a people’s bank, we have been consistent in meeting the client’s needs through provision of personal and business loans both in RTGS and USD and we will continue to tailor make similar products in response to customer’s needs. This is also in response to the FBC Group’s pay-off line YOU MATTER MOST which puts the customer at the forefront of all new products and ways of delivering service to improve the customer experience. We have a number of clients that have benefited from asset and lease financing and despite the harsh economic conditions, the branch is still open for such facilities. 
Going forward, our branch would want to meet the needs of many in Masvingo, Chiredzi and Beitbridge through offering low-income housing projects in the towns and negotiations with city fathers for delivering such facilities are on the tables. We are also looking forward to creating an inclusive financial ecosystem especially with the tertiary institutions which drive much of the activity in town and engagements are in progress to understand the needs and tailor make the suitable products. 
As the FBC Group continues on its digital transformation, we are hopeful we will improve on the customer experience that clients have with us and be able to onboard new business through referrals from our clients.
The FBC Bank Masvingo branch is led by Callisto Rukuni.