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Global Money Week: Moola Savers

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Moola Savers are the exact opposite of Moola Spenders. They think of every dollar they spend. They turn off the lights when leaving the room, close the refrigerator door quickly to keep in the cold, shop only when necessary, and rarely make purchases out of their budgets. Good luck trying to get these guys to buy lunch. On the plus side they generally have no debts but on the downside they are often misjudged as cheapskates. Savers are conservative by nature and don't take big risks with their investments. Savers are not concerned about appearances and take pleasure in being able to have a positive bank balance at the next year. They're the type of person who fills their car when it gets to half because they worked out that it is cost efficient. Does this sound like you? 
Here’s our useful tip: Savers, Use Moderation in all things is a common saying and a sound piece of advice. For a saver, this is particularly good advice. Don't let all of the fun parts of life pass you by just to save a few pennies. Tune-up your savings efforts, too. Pinching pennies is not enough. While minimising risk is any investor's prime goal, minimising risk while maximising return is the key to investing success. Tag someone you know who is like this. 
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