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Global Money Week: Moola Shoppers

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Moola Shoppers have a deep and emotional connection with spending money. They can't resist spending, even if it's to buy items they don't need. They are usually aware of their spending habits and the debts they can incur, but often take comfort in affirming themselves that somehow they’ll get the money back. Shoppers can spend money they don’t have or they are yet to make. Shoppers are varied in terms of investing. Some tend to favour quick returns while others see investing as something they will get to eventually (they would rather spend the money today). Does this sound like you? 

Here’s our useful tip: A budget is your friend. Setting a limit to your spending can help you focus more on purchasing what you actually need. Other tricks like delaying a purchase may save your pocket for what matters more to you. Plan ahead, so you can save up for more meaningful purchases that hold more value in the long-term.