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Global Money Week: Moola Spenders

Monday, March 22, 2021
Moola Spender Simply put, Moola Spenders like things. They have nice cars, new gadgets and luxury brand clothing. People with a "spender" personality don’t look for bargains or discounts; they’re more concerned with making a statement and will pay anything to do so. This often means a desire to keep up appearances and maintain a reputation. This makes them comfortable with debt and willing to take more risks with their investments. Does this sound like you?
Here’s our tip for you: Shop a Little Less, Save a Little More If you love to spend, it's likely that you are going to keep doing it, but you should seek long-term value and not just short-term satisfaction. Before you splurge on something expensive or trendy, ask yourself how much that purchase is going to mean to you in a year. If the answer is ‘not much’, skip it. In this way, you can try to limit your spending to things that you’ll actually use. When you channel your energy into saving, you have another opportunity to think long term. Look for slow and steady gains as opposed to high-risk, quick-win scenarios. If you really want to challenge yourself, consider the merits of scaling back. Tag someone who needs to read this.
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