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How FBC is tailor-made for the Entrepreneur

Friday, June 25, 2021
It’s World SME Day on the 27th of June 2021 and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate this day with the entrepreneurs that keep finding solutions to our ever growing needs. FBC supports the entrepreneur by ensuring that the financial aspect of their business functions as smoothly as our environment allows. Below is some of the work we do to promote entrepreneurship:
ZIPIT Smart 
This is a low cost local payments solution that enables customers to make payments to an FBC ZIPIT Smart Merchant from their phone. It helps the entrepreneur focus on making their money while we focus on making it easier and cost-effective for their transactions to settle into their business.
Prepaid MasterCard
This is an international payments solution made easy for entrepreneurs who trade across our boarders. They can sign up for the FBC Prepaid MasterCard and start transacting immediately. Payments can be made online at any time or on in-store POS machines. Business transactions can be made on the go to keep our entrepreneurs focused on scaling their businesses.
SME Account
This is a low-cost account designed for the SME. It has lower transactional fees than the standard corporate account and is open to SMEs who have registered their business. SMEs can formalize their financial records and get access to credit lines to grow their business.
Sole Trader’s Account
This is a formal bank account for individuals who operate businesses as sole proprietors and still need to keep formal records of their business transactions. It offers them convenience, security from theft and 24/7 access to their account. A sole trader only needs a trading license, tax clearance, proof of residence, ID and 2 passport sized photos to get started.
SME loans
Being cognisant that businesses need lines of credit to grow, FBC offers these services to SMEs across the country. Through our Business Banking unit, medium sized enterprises get access to lines of credit and advisory services to grow their enterprise. Through our Microfinance unit, small and rural based enterprises get access to lines of credit and advisory services to scale their operations.
To commemorate this day we are inviting entrepreneurs to engage with us on social media, to build a community by sharing their journey in support of the upcoming entrepreneurs as well. 
“The Business Banking Division of FBC offers tailor made products and services that appeal to the unique needs of players in the sector. We offer value chain financing, order financing, loans, overdrafts, invoice discounting, bid bonds and guarantees among other products and services supported by well experienced relationship managers. The Division offers support to women owned business through its women desk and we have championed this cause with remarkable progress. Since inception we have offered training in various aspects of business management, sound financial principles and good corporate governance for players in this space.” said Tinomuvonga Mhaka, Head of Business Banking. 
To learn more about how you can join FBC and benefit from this bank tailor-made for you, engage with us on social media and we will be excited to get you started.
Happy World SME Day.