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09 June 2021

Money market Investments basically refer to the trading of financial instruments with high liquidity and short-term maturities.

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25 March 2021

Moola Shoppers have a deep and emotional connection with spending money. They can't resist spending, even if it's to buy items they don't need.

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24 March 2021

Moola Investors are consciously aware of their money. They understand their financial situations and try to put their money to work

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23 March 2021
Moola Savers are the exact opposite of Moola Spenders. They think of every dollar they spend.
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22 March 2021

Moola Spender Simply put, Moola Spenders like things. They have nice cars, new gadgets and luxury brand clothing. People with a "spender" personality don’t look for bargains or discounts; they’re more concerned with making a statement and will pay anything to do so.

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19 March 2021

Global Money Week (GMW) is an annual global awareness-raising campaign on the importance of ensuring that young people, from an early age, are financially aware, and are gradually acquiring the knowledge

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18 January 2021

No one could have anticipated or prepared themselves for the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we enter the New Year we must take heed of the lessons learnt in 2020 and know for certain that the pandemic is still very much with us.

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