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Short Term Loans
Loans whose tenure ranges from 1 - 12 months and earmarked for individual and SMEs income generating projects. Apply here now

Group Lending

Loans targeting groups of 5 - 20 members, who in turn function as guarantors of the other individual’s loan within the group. Call us today for further information!

Salary Based Loans

These are our personal loans to salaried individual borrowers. This product is for FBC Bank / Building Society account holders and walk-in clients. Unless additional security is provided, our maximum loan limit is $5,000 with the sole requirement that loan repayments be within 40% of a borrower’s net salary. Call us now for a real quick loan. 

Civil Servants Loans

This product is exclusively for civil servants and carries the same pre-qualification conditions as our salary based loans. We cater for pre-existing FBC Bank/ FBC Building Society account holders or walk-in clients. However, in the case of civil servants, deductions are made via SSB stop orders. 

Government Pensioners Loans

Government pensioner’s personal loans also require repayments within 40% of net pension. Our minimum loan amount is $100 with a maximum of up to $5,000. We cater for FBC Bank and Non FBC Bank Customers. Deductions are also via Government stop order facility. 

Order Financing

Individuals and SMEs with confirmed orders from reputable customers with capacity to pay can apply for this facility. The loan tenure is determined by the terms and conditions of the order. Give us a call now and our friendly staff will assist you in the process.

ICT Credit Scheme

Microplan Services also finances the purchase of any ICT products from reputable approved suppliers for salaried clients. Loan recipients have access to a minimum of $300 and up to $1,000 in financing.  Call now. 


Enjoy insurance cover over immovable, moveable and household contents. Get this personal loan protection scheme which indemnifies against death, retrenchment and temporary disablement. Interested?  Call Us Now 

Farming Loans

We are keenly aware that agriculture is the bedrock of our economy. As such, Microplan Services provides loans to finance the purchase of farming inputs/ implements from approved suppliers including drip irrigation kits and green houses for horticultural production/farming. Talk to our friendly Customer Service Representatives today!