ZIPIT SMART – FAQs (Merchant)


Who qualifies to be a ZIPIT SMART Merchant?

Any business enterprises, Small to Medium or Corporates with active bank accounts automatically qualify. Registered companies who wish to open bank accounts also qualify to become ZIPIT Smart Merchants.

How do I become a ZIPIT SMART Merchant?

Visit any FBC Bank/Building Society branch nearest to you today and register to become a ZIPIT Smart Merchant.

What are the benefits of being a ZIPIT SMART Merchant?

  • Boost sales by allowing customers to choose their preferred mode of payment.
  • Increase customer base, as over 24 financial institutions in Zimbabwe are on the ZIPIT platform.
  • Convenient and instant payment method.  
  • ZIPIT Smart is a reliable and secure method of payment.

What are the transaction charges for ZIPIT Smart?

The current ZIPIT fee structure applies.

What are the current limits for ZIPIT Smart?

Limits follow the prevailing ZIPIT limits. A daily cumulative total limit of $20,000 and monthly limit of $100,000 (i.e. a customer performing either a ZIPIT transactions or a ZIPIT Smart transaction is bound by the prevailing limits)

Can a merchant use the same code for their various businesses?

The Merchant code is linked to an account number and one mobile number, a merchant has an option of using either one merchant code or multiple merchant codes for their different businesses.