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11 June 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Fourteenth Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of FBC Holdings Limited will be held in the Main Lounge, Royal Harare Golf Club, 5th Street Extension, Harare on Thursday, 28 June 2018 at 1500 hours.

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20 May 2013

The Board of Directors of FBC Holdings would like to advise shareholders and the public, that the group is currently engaged in negotiations which, if successfully completed, would have a material effect to the structure of the group and may have a material impact on the compa

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08 February 2013

Further to our previous cautionary statements, the Board of Directors of FBC Holdings Limited would like to advise shareholders that the Group has terminated negotiations with a third party involving the restructuring of the Group.

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10 April 2012

The authorized share capital of the Company be redenominated from eight hundred million [800,000,000] ordinary shares of ZWD0.01 (one cent)* each to 800,000,000 (eight hundred million) ordinary shares of USD0.00001 (one thousandth of a United States cent) each and that the Dir

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