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FBC Digital On-boarding FAQs

Digital On boarding of Account Opening

With the FBC Digital On-boarding anyone can now digitally open accounts via USSD code (*220#),FBC Mobile Moola Application  or  Noku on Whatsapp (0776 670 211) from wherever they are, and at any time of the day instantly.
The USSD *220 and WhatsApp Banking 0776  670 211 will give accesses to your choice of either opening a Mobile Moola Wallet(Cardless ) or an Instant Account.
The FBC Mobile App will allow you  access to open a full KYC account to suit your needs. Full KYC  options to choose from  on the Mobile Moola App are  Current Account, FCA Account , Savings  Account.


To get started download the FBC Mobile Moola App

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What do I need to open an account?

Any phone with a registered mobile number can access the USSD platform from any network. To use the FBC Mobile Moola App, you need a compatible Android or iOS device.

Can companies open accounts digitally?

At the moment , only individuals can apply for accounts on the digital platform.

What types of accounts can one open digitally?

Individuals can open the following types of accounts:

  1. Current Account
  2. Savings Account
  3. Foreign Currency Account
  4. Instant Account
  5. Mobile Moola Wallet (ewallet)

How do I apply for a digital account?

You can apply for a digital account using a registered  mobile number by dialling  *220#, downloading our FBC  Mobile Moola Application or via our WhatsApp banking platform and following the steps required to open an account without having to visit the bank.  

Where can I download the FBC Mobile Moola App?

The FBC Mobile Moola Application is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How long does it take to open a new account?

The whole process takes approximately 5 minutes but can take up to 48 hours.

How will I know my account number?

You will receive an SMS notification with your account number and your card number soon after successfully applying for your selected account type. If you do not receive an SMS notification, please contact our FBC Contact Centre. 

Do I need a smartphone to open a new account with Digital on boarding?

Any phone with a registered mobile number can access the USSD platform from any network and any compatible Android or iOS mobile phone can access our FBC Mobile Moola Application.

Do I need to complete forms to have an account?

There is no form filling, there whole process is done digitally.

What is my branch name?

 All accounts opened digitally will be domiciled under FBC Virtual

What is FBC Virtual code?

8132 is the FBC Virtual code.

Where do I get assistance with my day to day banking enquiries?

You may contact our 24/7 FBC Contact Centre for help with any of your banking needs on the below contact details:

Toll free number 220

Direct landlines: 0242- 761198 or 0242-704481-82

Call or WhatsApp: 0772 419 693/ 0772 152 647 or 0732 152 647

Skype: FBC.Help.Centre  


How do I unlock my Mobile Application pin?

You may contact our FBC Contact Centre or click the Get Support button on our Mobile App for assistance in resetting your Mobile Moola pin?

How can I link my account on internet banking?

After successfully applying for an account, you can self-register for internet banking on our website ( and process your internal transfers, RTGS, NSSA, Zimra and bill payments to various service providers.

Where do I visit when I need help with transactions which require the bank?

You may visit any FBC branch convenient or nearest to you for banking transactions which require you to visit the branch.

Is it possible for existing customers to open additional accounts using the digital platform?

Existing customers can apply for additional accounts digitally.

How will my account be linked to Mobile Moola and Ecocash platforms?

Once you have successfully applied for an account, you can link your account on any of the above mentioned wallets using our USSD code *220#.

Where will I collect my ATM card ?

You either collect your card from any of our branches dotted across the country.

Do I get an ATM card for a Mobile Moola Wallet (ewallet)?

Mobile Moola Wallet does not have an ATM card.

During the account opening process, am I able to upload a copy of the ID from my gallery?

You can upload a copy of your ID and take a live selfie of yourself.

If I open an FCA account will I be able to transfer funds from my FCA to another FCA account on Mobile Moola App or USSD platform?

The transfer functionality is currently not available on the USSD platform and on mobile Moola Application.

Will I be able to withdraw cash from my Instant, Savings or Current account?

Yes, you may visit your nearest FBC branch for cash withdrawals.

Will I be able to do cash out from my Mobile Moola Wallet?

Yes, cash out is done from an FBC branch nearest to you depending on the availability of cash.

How many accounts can I open on the digital platform?

 You can open only one account under each product category.

How do i fund my digital account?

 Deposits into the account can be done through internal transfers, ZIPIT from other banks and via ecocash, telecash and one money wallet.

Am I able to do a cash deposit into my digital account?

You may deposit cash into your digital account through any of our FBC branches.

Do I get a debit card linked to the FCA account?

The debit card linked to an FCA account is not available at the moment. You may purchase our Prepaid MasterCard and process internal transfers from your FCA account into the MasterCard through our FBC branches and transact online, purchase on USD point of sale machines or withdraw outside the country.

Will I be able to check FCA balance on *220# or on the Mobile Application?

Balance enquiry for FCA accounts is not available on our USSD and Mobile Application but you may register for internet banking using our self-care portal and enquire your balance.

Can I receive funds from outside Zimbabwe into my FCA account?

Your digital FCA account can receive incoming telegraphic transfers from anywhere across the globe.