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Regulatory Compliance Statement

FBC Holdings Limited (the FBC Group) realizes the potential catastrophic impact that non-compliance with laws and regulations may have on its various operations. The Group has hence adopted a "Zero Tolerance to Non-Compliance" and a Compliance Philosophy that dictates that "Everybody is a Compliance Manager".

The FBC Group operates in a highly regulated sector and is committed to complying with all laws including applicable financial crime compliance laws and regulations such as those related to anti money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, sanctions and anti-bribery and corruption.

Over and above laws and regulations the Group has adopted International standards such as the Financial Action Taskforce (FAT F) forty recommendations as well as best practice in line with the expectations of important stakeholders such as its regulators and correspondent banks.

This commitment is embodied in the comprehensive compliance framework that the Group has put in place that entails,

  • Board Oversight
  • Policies & Procedures;
  • Automation of key control processes such as risk assessment, screening & surveillance;
  • Training;
  • Internal Controls; and
  • Independent Control and Assurance Functions such as Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Audit

As the Group l s ability to comply with Laws is directly linked to the conduct of our clients, we require you to comply with all applicable Laws, and conduct your business in a manner which will not place yourself or the Group in breach of all applicable Laws.