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5 financial resolutions that are dead-easy to keep

Monday, January 18, 2021

No one could have anticipated or prepared themselves for the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we enter the New Year we must take heed of the lessons learnt in 2020 and know for certain that the pandemic is still very much with us. So what does this mean for your goals in 2020? While we can’t speak for everyone we certainly do encourage you to commit to these 5 very necessary financial resolutions for 2021:

 1. Build an emergency fund

Saving money is not always easy especially with the many demands our lives have. However, for the safety of you and your family it is essential to start putting away a little nest egg that is ONLY USED FOR EMERGENCIES. Keep your money in a savings account so that you have it accessible readily in the most convenient shape or form.

How much money would you leave in your nest egg?

 2. Get your affairs in order

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans led a normal life one day and then were cut off from their families the next — in hospitals, nursing homes or elsewhere.  It’s not easy to face this reality but with so many of our loved one’s affected one can only imagine how many of them had their affairs in order.

Start by finding the right financial solution for the type of cover you need. FBC Holdings has countless solutions for you. Even if it means starting with the emergency fund what is important is the urgency and deliberateness of getting yourself organised.

What are the first things you would get in order?

 3. Make some cuts permanent

In normal times there were a lot of ‘things’ we spent our money on; restaurants, parties and other recreational activities. However, for a a good numberlot of us a lot of this was adjusted/stopped in March. This period brought out the ‘Rambos’ in us, as we learnt to live on less and expect less.

What have you given up in 2020 that you can keep giving up in 2021?


#GOAB means get on a budget. 2020 brought laser focus on our spending habits. Every purchase meant something as the times and locations were now made more routine. You’d be surprised how this makes for an amazing opportunity to start a budget. You’ll be so surprised how much better you could do with your finances once you start to understand your own spending habits. Imagine the difference it would make to know that 45% of the money you spend is spent on fast food?

What do you think your budget would reveal as your biggest expense?

 5. Practice gratitude

2020 hammered home the Zimbabwean proverb: “ Chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda.” The simple words mean “One person cannot do all things alone.” As we continue to oversee the world adapt to a new normal we are reminded of how incredibly important the relationships in our lives are. Doing it all alone is not an option; even when it means that it takes two to think of each other in order to socially distance. Let’s embrace the new year with a spirit of togetherness and putting others first, but most importantly to be more grateful for each day as it comes.

How will you practice more gratitude in 2021?